A pediatrician’s method to soothe a crying baby goes viral

This is the Miracle hold that every parent should know…

We all have been dreading the cry of newborns because they seem to cant be stopped. They’re not hungry, they’re not thirsty, they are also not that bored, and probably there came a time that there’s nothing and they would cry about it. In any case, we all experienced or at least have heard a newborn cry, and they could cry for a full 15 minutes, and you can’t possibly know what’s wrong since it doesn’t talk. And although that happens most of the time, you probably manage to let the baby stop but then, it decides to cry all over again. It all varies in experience and babies are also known to cry a lot when it doesn’t like the person.

Anyway, we all dread that and it was bad for the baby to cry for a long time even when we can’t do it, we usually go for someone who can do the job. But, what this pediatrician shared in YouTube will change all of that. In a matter of seconds (not even a minute!) he can calm a baby down just by doing a hold that he had perfected with handling thousands of newborns in his 30 years of being a pediatrician. And we can’t all possibly be convinced by this, but you definitely have to watch the video if you want to.

Because as far as parent know, it’s hard calming the baby down and most panic since some will conti9nue crying and that’s not really good. They may think that they were not even being a good enough mother for their child. But whatever the reason is, this is sure to save our asses. And to those who haven’t had any babies yet, at least you’re going to get lucky and won’t suffer as much as the parents before you.

There are only four steps in calming it and while you do it, Dr. Robert Hamilton, from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, suggests that you have to be gentle every time you do ‘the hold’. It was because that any jerky movements will make the baby cry again.

And maybe if a baby is as stubborn as it can get, then you will probably be doing it longer than a nice baby who will calm down as easy as one, two three. Once again, the baby’s response will vary to how long you will need to hold it and we promise that we’ll tell you that after this.

There are only four steps to it and its:

  • Fold the baby’s arms across the chest
  • Secure arms gently
  • Gently grasp diaper area
  • Rock baby up and down gently at a 45 degree angle

It has been proven to work in every single baby that he held ever since he had perfected the hold. This was even reported in some global news websites and is still having lots of views in YouTube. Anyone who wants to have a child or are expecting definitely needs to know this. It saves time and makes sure that you can have more quality time with your baby!