Birthday cake decorated by autistic employee goes viral

This birthday cake did not just made one person happy, but two…

Kindness is such a beautiful thing and it can easily make people happy. A lot of thing can happen unexpectedly and some may be bad, but although a lot of bad thing happen unexpectedly, the good stuff also have its fair share. Its not that hard to look for the right signs though. And sometimes, you’re just sitting there and good things will happen to you. If only life is like that, but its not.

Anyway, kindness is always there and its an important thing to people. If its not for kindness, then our world should have been destroyed long ago. In any case, it has been happening and its always nice to share stories. It inspires people and it will open their hearts.

In birthdays we always have to buy cakes since, it makes the birthday celebrant happy, and what can increase the mood of the party goers than sweets? (Let’s just assume that a kid is having a birthday here). No one could possibly say no to sweets and even people who are on a diet eats sweeteners as sugar. It’s still sweet but less the calories. And of course, if you were the one responsible for the cake, you can always buy one or make one. But in Lisa Aldrich’s case, she just ba=ought one in a local grocery store in Gaines Township.

The aura of the party is there and we would definitely want to buy some good cake, so she chose to buy some in Meijer, a local grocery store and asked an employee that she thought works in the bakery department. She asked the woman to write on her cake, and the woman replied a simple yes. But little did she know that she would be struck by the course of the event. The woman took her time, and as she was done, the woman handed Lisa her cake. But she didn’t even check it yet. But she did put her trust in the woman and looked her in the eye and said her thanks while she was smiling. It was a simple action, but she would be surprised that the woman is much happier than she may seem.

After she has given her thanks, that was when she got to see the cake and that was when she saw that the decorations was bad. If it was any other customer, they would have complained, but Lisa kept it to show to her friends that it also might have been funny. She then headed to the cashier and was stopped to her tracks as she was approached by the employees and the manager.

So that was definitely weird and you might even think that the autistic woman might be in trouble, but the employees then broke the ice and said that the woman responsible for the cake is autistic. And although she was not in charge of the cake decorations, she still did because she has been asked, and it probably made her day. The cashier who told her so even said thanks for smiling and saying her thanks. Kindness is just a small thing that can be a big thing to others who needs it.