Kylie Jenner under Investigation for Animal Cruelty Because Dog Looks Malnourished

Did she really neglected her poor pooch Bambi or is it just Bambi???

The Reality TV star is probably not in such a mood right now, especially the one thing that she has been dreading – that is to wake up one day and found out that she is now being hated because of something she did – and of course we totally get why she is dreading that, but is she really going to be able to handle these much? Recently, she has also been bashed because of her magazine cover in Interview and it was supposed to be a massive transformation of the 18-year old.

She has posed beautifully but there is just one picture that has seemed to tick some people off. That is the one photo of her posing in a wheelchair. They said that she must have at least said something about the wheelchair even though she was just posing. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for.

A lot of people have probably seen the controversial video of Kylie’s dogs in Instagram. The reality TV star was just playing with her dogs Norman and Bambi, but there seems to be a problem as far as other people are concerned. They have seen the Italian greyhound and saw some ribs pop out of it. The dog seems to be malnourished despite having been in the Kardashian household and with the arms of a celebrity.

This made people a bit unnerved especially those who are animal rights activist and had the Los Angeles Animal control investigate whether the dog is really malnourished or is just healthy. Italian Greyhounds are known to be really skinny dogs since they are bred to be runners. It’s also been said that it was normal to see some ribs or two in a healthy dog, but people are still people and the LA Animal Control still received some complaints.

They said that it only takes one complaint to start and investigation and in Kylie’s case, she had made people complain about it and is risking a chance to lose her beloved Bambi to the Los Angeles Animal Control is she is seen guilty. It may or may not be animal cruelty, but the animal control is the one who can only answer the dreadful thing that Kylie must have also been dreading.

Anyway, the TV star is always posing with her dogs in Instagram and this was the only time people saw her dogs move. Well, at least in a video. The Los Angeles Animal Control is still in the process and it may take a while for them to confirm the results of Kylie’s apparent ‘animal cruelty’. Anyway, if she ever did not mean it, the dog will probably still be confiscated and the great times they had together will be over so suddenly. It’s also bad enough that she had to explain the wheelchair thing. This must have been a bad week for her and she may have also been just about to explode, right?