19 Photos Of Celebrities Laughing In Serious Situations

Nothing’s more infectious than someone’s laughter. It’s like a trigger, especially among a group of friends. When one starts laughing, another person ends up laughing until the whole group is losing it over something that seemed serious before, as well as how the first person looked while they were losing it. These celebrities can’t seem to hold it in during seemingly serious situations, resulting into fits of laughter that will end up making us laugh as well. Here we have just a few funny moments that are guaranteed to make you laugh. If you are ever having a bady day, looking at these will make you feel better.

1. Brian Johnston

For those of you who don’t know, Brian Johnston is a BBC Cricket Commentator, alongside Jonathan Agnew on the radio. When the latter suddenly jokes that a batsman “couldn’t quite get his leg over” the stumps and Johnston simply loses it, trying to keep his cool and even saying “Aggers, for goodness sake stop it”.