15 Shocking Red Carpet Moments You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Truth be told, any red carpet moment is actually a memorable one. Of course it is! Nonetheless, there are certain stories and happenings that are downright shocking making it one of the most unforgettable red carpet moments in history.

We have rounded up some of the most shocking red carpet moments of all time and we’re pretty sure that you are all excited to know all about it.

1. Bjork Wears a Swan Dress to the Awards (2001)

If it wasn’t very awkward and dreadful enough having to wear a dreadful swan dress, Bjork actually did yet another shocking stunt. Guess what? “Bjork the Swan” happened to lay an egg on the red carpet! Honestly, everyone felt embarrassed for her. Nevertheless, we still believe that the soulful singer is more than happy to have made a mark on the red carpet although not in a very delightful way.