18 Kids Who Horrified Everyone With Their Crimes

Since the birth of time, people have always been involved in heinous crimes. We can hear news about certain somebody killing someone and the like. But have you ever thought that these killers would actually be kids? It is really sad whenever we hear that the killer is a child and especially when it was found out that it was not an accident but it was indeed intentionally done. To know what we mean by this, let us check out some of the kids who caught us by surprise.

1. Nehemiah Griego


Nehemiah Griego was 15 years old when he shot his family. The shooting took place in Albuquerque last January 2013. It was said that Nehemiah was provoked when his mother annoyed him. He first shot his mother in the head, then he shot down his brother and two sisters then finally when his father arrived home, Nehemiah took his life as well. He was arrested and is now in prison.