20 Awful Band Names

We all know that this is the most important thing that a band can do in order to get themselves a recording and a career at that. And although some do fail to be as catchy as anyone, some just tends to be worse than others. There are tons of awful band names out there, and of course, that wouldn’t fit with just 20, but we picked famous bands and looked at their previous names and you won’t believe what we got. Here are 20 of them, from Tom and Jerry, to Kara’s Flowers.

1. Tom and Jerry aka Simon and Garfunkel

So what do you expect from 15 year olds when they thought of a name for their duo? Well, basically, nothing good, and that was what happened. They named themselves Tom and Jerry fearing no lawsuit from Hanna-Barbera and they even changed their names, but they eventually used their real names after they reconvened in the 1960s.