Believe It Or Not, This Erupting Volcano Contained A Creepy Secret…

For the first time in four decades, Calbuco has once again unleashed its fury sending a huge and gigantic column of lava and ash prompting thousands of people to leave their homes and evacuate. But this catastrophic incident is not the only thing that got people from all over the globe talking and buzzing in the social media. It is said that this unfortunate event hides a creepy secret which might possibly have a link on why the violent eruption happened without a warning.

Looking for a hint?

Well, it’s about a flashing object seemingly dancing on the air. And the best part is that everything was caught on cam! Want to know more? Read on and be the judge yourself.

The Eruption That Came Without A Warning

On April 22, 2015, Calbuco has sent plumes of volcanic ash reaching as far as 10km into the sky. In a span of eight days, the volcano has erupted three times wherein the first outburst lasted about 90 minutes. Flights to Chile as well as to Argentina and Uruguay were cancelled and authorities have reportedly evacuated more than 6,000 people within a 20km radius from the fuming volcano.

While it is true that monitoring and reading signs of volcanic activities is a difficult task, yet most volcanoes show apparent and impending signs of danger or eruption. These signs include steam explosions, gas emissions, earthquakes or seismicity and the cracking of the volcano itself. These are at best the most common signs of a volcanic eruption waiting to happen.

But what created a puzzle and mystery in everyone’s mind is that why on Earth did the Calbuco erupted out of nowhere? Not a single indication. How could this be? Is this even possible? Can this be explained by our technology or by far more superior form of knowledge?