21 Hilarious Photos We Know Were Photoshopped

Photoshop has been proven to be useful in so many ways, and one of them would probably count making us laugh so hard. Whether it was an intentional laugh, or not, it still has us cracking up when we see these.

1. Me And My Swimsuit Model Girlfriend

me and my swimsuit model girlfriend

Maybe a tactic to show his friends that he’s got a beautiful swimsuit model with him. Not bad, not bad at all. Will he plan on introducing her to his mom one day? For now, lets just appreciate how intimate they seem to be, posing readily for the camera.


2. Face Swap

Photos like this have been circulating around the internet, but it’s still so funny to see. Especially this one. A lucky fan met the Biebs and took a photo with him. Or should we say Bieber was lucky to have a photo with the fan?


3. Honey, I Shrunk Myself!

These are either giant roosters or he just shrunk down, into a mighty warrior with the majestic rooster as his steed. The battle of the steps! Onwards!


4. Giant Phone

The giant who owns that phone is probably not afraid of his call history getting exposed to everyone who sees it. And they probably need to get a bigger car to fit that too. Maybe if it’s folded up, it can fit.


5. Jedi On A Boat

We’re on a boat and the force is with us, as they probably said. They’re taking a well-deserved break from their Jedi duties to go white water rafting someplace. Teaching young Padawans must have been stressful. Activate your light sabers and smile for the camera!


6. Heavy Drawing

It’s one thing to lift some weights, it’s another thing to turn one into a pen that you can draw with. This guy has managed to do the latter, and no wonder he’s so buff. It works your forearm muscles as well as your biceps.


7. Wrong House

What do you do when the President suddenly catches you by the window outside the White House naked? Cover yourself up! Better hurry and get dressed quickly as they might send some guards to escort you outside.


8. Bring Your Own Cat

At a get-together that involves our cute feline friends, of course bringing your own is highly encouraged. Although all cats are cute, it doesn’t really stop comparisons from happening. Who’s got the cutest cat? The guy on the right seems pretty confident.


9. Split Rock

As another test to prove how good he is at Taekwondo, the kid just splits the huge rock in half. If that doesn’t impress his mentors, we don’t know what would.


10. Motorcycle Happy

One guy decided to join these professionals in riding their motorcycles, and he was in the very front too from the looks of it. We already know those other three can probably do all kinds of tricks, but this guy just decides to keep his cool, by showing off what he could do. But we would want to wear a helmet if we were doing that.


11. Head Swap

This photo is a still from the movie “Hot Fuzz”. We didn’t know Simon Pegg’s body was actually that of a swan, and vice versa too. But the question of who’s chasing whom is evident in this photo.


12. Mow The Brow

When the eyebrows grow a little too long and reach the middle of the eyebrows, it’s time to take out the big guns. Meaning, time to take out the guys to mow the hair in the middle. We wonder how often do they have to do this.


13. The Cat Toss

We all know couples like to make their weddings different and creative. Most brides want to do a bouquet toss, but this bride puts a little spin by tossing her cat bouquet back to her single friends. Whoever caught that might have to go home with a few scratches on her hands and a shaking and traumatized cat too.


14. This Seat Is Taken

Always make sure to check if the seats are completely empty before sitting down. You never know you might be sitting next to or on a pigeon reading a book.


15. Take Off

This guy’s about to take his broomstick for a test run, or he’s probably on his way to Hogwarts, or to a place where he’s promised his friends a game of Quidditch. We wonder what model his broomstick is.


16. The Time Of My Life

These two guys want to recreate the iconic move in “Dirty Dancing”. But we wonder if they were really able to pull it off, even while dressed in their respective clothes. “I’ve had the time of my life, and I’ve never felt this way before, and I swear, this is true, and I owe it all to you~


17. Kung-Fu Kitten

This feline shows its expertise in martial arts by playing with nunchucks. At least they’ll make a useful guard cat in case intruders come to the house. Even if those intruders were mice.


18. When You See It

We had to take a second look for this one. It took us a while to see what was in this photo until we saw that it was staring right at us. It’s pretty hilarious, though. We wonder what the kid had to say if they saw this photo.


19. Getting Back Together

This was probably an attempt to show everyone that he managed to get back together with his girlfriend. Although the photo may seem to say otherwise. We can’t help but feel bad for the guy. He tried his best though. Hopefully he’ll make it convincing next time.


20. PiDog

Griffins are lions with the body of an eagle. This one is a rare breed that we unofficially call, Pidog. A dog’s head on a pigeon’s body. Approach with caution and try not to hunt them down as they may fly away or bark at you.


21. CatMan

Speaking of splicing and combining two things in one body, here is another one. We have Catwoman, and now we have Catman. Man decided to be different, and so he had a head transplant, placing the head of a cat on his own body.