19 Most Memorable Movie Quotes

We’ve always turned to movies as an escape from the troubles of the real world. Watching movies has always been one of our favorite pastimes, and our favorite movies, leave us with quotes to remember. The film buffs among us might say it on our day to day lives, and we’re su. We’ve listed some of the many quotes from our favorite movies, that just stuck to us, from the weird, to the random, to the inspiring, and to everything in between. These are sayings that we end up remembering. When you’re feeling down, taking a look at these quotes might give you something to smile about.

1. ”You’re not an asshole, Mark. You’re just trying so hard to be.” - The Social Network

At the final scene of the movie, when Rashida Jones’ character decides to leave the room after Mark tells her the whole situation between the lawsuit, and the fallouts he had with his only friend Eduardo, she tells him these words before walking out the conference room. With Mark’s desire to try and be part of the cool crowd after creating one of the biggest social media platforms, he forgets to stay true to himself.