Liv Tyler announces that she is pregnant again

Was it from Legolas??? Elf Babies all around!!!

Liv Tyler2

Perhaps almost all people in this world probably watch the trilogy of Lord of the Rings and most of them find the movie interesting because of the action and drama that took place. Indeed, it was a blockbuster hit movie and it somehow earn thousands of dollars because of it. The characters portrait and demonstrate their roles well and you can really see that they are very active and veteran in terms of acting. This includes the character of Liv Tyler as Arwen. An elf that has been given a ring by Sauron. You can really say that she is very impressive on the way she acts and this is the main reason on why people are starting to love her based on her characteristics on the movie. Since then, you can really expect that there are tons of people who started following her because they just admire the personality and beauty of Liv Tyler.

However, things are going to be interesting in the past few years because it was the time when Liv Tyler announces that she is pregnant with her second child. It was almost 12 years since the movie Lord of the Rings and you can still see people who are admiring her and proud of her being now a mother of two. But, as you can see, this is not her first child because she has already an 11 years old child named Milo when the time she was still with her ex-husband Royston Langdon. It was just last September 2014 when she declare that she is pregnant with Sailor. Father of Sailor, whom she gearing up with the third child is her fiancé named David Gardner. Her second child, Sailor Gardner, was born last February 11, 2015.

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In the latest post of Liv Tyler on her Instagram, everyone was in shock because in less than a year in giving birth, she announces that she is pregnant again. From her Instagram post, she stated that the stork is visiting her again and she is having another little Tyler-Gardner in her belly. She is very proud and grateful with the growth of their family. Tyler decided to post the announcement when she was having a vacation with her fiancé on Tuesday. She posted a sweet photo of her fiancé David Gardner carrying their 11th month old first child Sailor Gardner on his shoulder.

The fans of Liv Tyler are very supportive and happy for the actress. They also say that even though the famous actress has already three children. Still, she is very sexy and beautiful. Having a third child is considered as another milestone for Liv Tyler and to her family. This is indeed another blessing for the couple. This is one of the most important moments to the life of Liv Tyler and even though she might prioritize her family before her acting job. Still, there are many fans out there who will keep on supporting her as time goes by.