19 Amazing Science Discoveries In 2015

One could say that 2015 was quite an eventful year. The APEC Summit where all the world leaders had assembled, the tragic Paris attacks, among many other highlights of the year, depending on where one lives. It was also a year of advancements and discoveries in science. It’s amazing how far we’ve come compared to the past, and we’re getting closer and closer to finding solutions for some long-standing problems, particularly when it comes to life-threatening diseases and the emergence of new ones. We have to give the scientists pats on the back for what they’ve managed to discover last year, and here are some of what they’ve achieved so far.

1. Homo Nalendi

Just when we thought Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens were it, when it comes to our human ancestors, behold! there is a new one! Just in September 2015, scientists have discovered a human ancestor that was then-unknown, called the Homo Nalendi. The remains of this one was found in a cave in South Africa, the fossils that were discovered had belonged to about 15 individuals whose stature and body mass were that of small-bodied humans. They are also the biggest collection of a single species that were found in Africa.