21 Family Fails Caught On Camera

We’re only a week into the new year, the previous weeks were spent bonding with our families and friends and loved ones over the festive holidays. While we spend our time with our family members, we all tend to get into crazy, bizarre, or even funny situations, and sometimes, it’s even captured on camera, whether on photos or a video recording. From the family photos, to the party photos, to everything else in between. We all think our own families are weird, but perhaps not as weird as these people that we’ve listed on here.

1. Cats And Dogs

We can’t really quite figure out what’s going on in here, but all we know is that this photo’s good enough to be considered a meme. From the couple wearing clothes with the same red and lime green color scheme, to how the woman’s hair is fixed, to the way they are posing to the photoshopped in images of what we can only assume would be their pets. This is just plain awkward we can’t even look at it as much.