The New James Bond Movie Launched At It Looks Epic!!!

The New James Bond Movie will surely be an action packed movie that we all must see!

You are not a real human if you haven’t heard of James Bond. Even just his name, with the mention of guns, and action, and cars, and spies, and beautiful women. No one is to live without hearing the legendary James Bond. This fictional guy is actually so popular and well sold in theatres that his legend doesn’t seem to fade at all. Even if he is not that well known to some parts of the world, they still know a good James Bond movie and not to care with all those flashback back-story. This guy is a legend.

But with the new movie that just came out in the theaters that is definitely going to be mind-blowing. With a trailer that spanned for more than two minutes, we have been given more clues than we deserve. More clues don’t mean more answers solved. This trailer was epic and the movie will certainly be more epic. With a trailer full of people dancing with sniper kills, a high speed car chase, punch-ups, a very terrifying plane crash, jumping out of windows, and a whole bunch of explosions, this Bond movie is definitely going to be action packed.

Not to mention that spooky and chilling conversation in that meeting. There is definitely something going with Bond. The movie will probably discuss and go on with Bond’s back-story on which ironically, haven’t played much in the whole series of this legendary movie. What we will see will probably be one of the most popular Bond Movie once again. The narrative construction is definitely chilling yet exciting.

After Skyfall was launched, it was going to be hard to live up the expectations that many has for the next James Bond movie. As long as Sam Mendes is here together with Daniel Craig, they are going to be unstoppable. Spectre is also said to be exploring he secret agent’s deepest secret, because as they have said in the trailer, he had been unable to trust anyone, it’s high time that the world see the secrets that he have. But let’s also not forget the villain that will be torturing Bond throughout the movie.

Everyone have high expectations for the Oscar award winner Christoph Waltz. The impression that he gave in the trailer is definitely, in simple description will be, ominous. This guy is known to have been a very good villain in movies that he has played in. With that in mind, what will the movie turn out to be? Now, I’m getting hyped up. The movie sure did took a long time, but seeing the movie will definitely give you the answers whether Waltz will live up to everyone’s standards, or will it just be another average James Bond movie. Anyway, the only thing we can do is find out.

Spectre will be released in London in late October 2015 and in the U.S. in November 6.

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