Coolest New Changes to the Newest iPhone

iPhone is back with the New Changes that will be Available for the New iOS 9

The famous minimalist design of the Iphone is actually getting overused from time to time. And with their release of different phones and operating systems, not much is going on to make it a bit more worth your money. But with up and coming IOS 9, things might a little more cheeky since, Apple is making a few but very great update for numerous of apple users worldwide. The IOS 9, is basically like the Android 6 and Windows 10 which will come in as a free upgrade for those who have older handsets. The IOS 9 is available for upgrade starting from the Iphone 4s up to the latest versions. And as I said, a lot can happen with just a little tweaking for operating system.

Not all people choose to use the Iphone, but when people do, they do it because of the simple design. And with the upgrades that Apple will be having, they might as well change their minds. Apple is practically giving users a more convenient interaction with the device. But first things first, what do we get from the upgrade? First of all, the very capable and very thought-of upgrade that apple has ever done is he search engine upgrade. This new search engine is what you call a hybrid. Apple designed this especially for their system, and it can look up anything that is stored inside your phone.

You’re looking for a specific document but can’t find it? Well, this might be a good help for those are just too lazy to tap on for too long. Just swipe it to the right and you will see the apps and emails and news that it will search on just for you. Another thing is their messaging upgrade which provides us with a quick reply. Replying will be made much more awesome with that drop down and straight from the notification bar. You will also say bye bye to that news stand. Apple has developed a news app for you that will make newspaper websites available within reach. It also included a better battery life. And nope, no one is changing your batteries for ya. They will make available something that we call a ‘Low-Power Mode’ that enables us to hit more battery life in our phones with an additional 3 hours of usage.

They will also change the system font from Helvetica to San Francisco, an originally designed font. More upgrades also include availability of multi tasking for the iPad and the Notes are to be made more sophisticated. They will also rename Passbook to be called Wallet and contains more features than before. The IOS 9 is also said to be supporting ad-blockers that will make browsing faster and more convenient.

Although these updates sure sounds good, it’s still in trial and upgrading sure won’t hurt anyone’s phone. Downsides are still not predictable, but upgrading your OS surely sounds fun and convenient.

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