Same-Sex Married Couple Has Their Foster Child Removed From Their Home

Same-Sex Married Couple Has Their Foster Child Removed From Their Home As The Judge Orders The Child Be Placed In A More “Traditional” Home…

Same-sex marriages are still a hot topic today, and a Utah judge has ordered that a 1 year old foster child be removed from the home of two women and placed into a more “traditional home”. The married couple (two women) are obviously devastated, but to make matters worse the couple was actually hoping to adopt the 1 year old girl to add them to their family permanently. After 3 months of having this child, they may end up losing her once and for all!

The couple already has two children (from one of the women’s previous marriages) and passed all background checks, home inspection tests and everything else that was required of them. what makes matters even worse is that the daughters biological mother has actually come forward and said that she approves of the couple taking care of her child and would have no issues with them adopting her to provide the life she could not for her.

If this wasn’t enough, the child services division in Utah has actually filed a motion FOR the same-sex parents saying that they are asking the judge to reconsider his decision. The DCFS came out and publicly stated that the judges ruling is “that this removal is not in the best interest of the child.” So not only has this judge tried to take a child from what seems is a loving family, he also is now going against the wishes of the governing body for that area should he upload this ruling.

The judge would not comment for this story, but the married couple felt they had no choice but to go public with what is happening to their family. They have even come out and stated that the judge said he was removing the child from their care because “through his research he had found out that kids in homosexual homes don’t do as well as they do in heterosexual homes and when they asked to show his research he would not,” Hoagland told KUTV.

If this is even remotely true than this judge will be in a ton of trouble and may need to consider hiring a lawyer to represent him in a courtroom in the very near future. To remove a child from the home of an LGBT couple is crazy, especially because in my opinion, those parents tend to be more nurturing and caring than most because they cannot have kids on their own. They are that much more appreciative for the chance to even raise life, where so many other couple are arguing and fighting about child support payments.

So while I personally do not care if same-sex couple get married, the biggest thing I am taking from this is that this judge seems to be moving the child from a home that could not love that baby girl anymore. There are a ton of people who simply get foster kids to collect checks