Donald Trump Is At It Again!!!

It seems as though Donald Trump cannot go even 24 hours without saying outrageous things to rile up Americans…

While it is very surprising to me that Donald Trump is still leading most of the major polls this late in the game, and while I think many Americans believe he eventually will not win the Republican bid; the fact is Trump sure knows how to stay relevant in the new cycle.

I do not know if this is just his major plan to say the most outrageous or offensive things so that news outlets keep writing about him, but if that was the plan of his campaign manager it seems to be working so far. Many experts believed that Trump would never be leading the actual poll, lets alone leading in key states like Iowa this late in the game; most of the experts predicted that Trump would eventually switch to tea party and split the votes of the Republicans which would ultimately cost them the White House.

Yet here Trump is still leading the way and it really has to do with the amount of press he has been receiving. He is in the news constantly… His most recent outburst was on his closest competitor Ben Carson. While Trump had earlier stated that he would not attack Carson unless provoked, of course he did not actually mean that… So of course Trumped went on a bashing spree today calling Carson someone who has lied to the American people and has a horrible temper that can be unleashed at anytime.

Trump went on to call Carson a liar about the story of when he was younger how Carson admitted that he had a knife and got so angry he tried to stab someone. The only reason that Carson did not “connect” with the blade was because the man flipped his belt buckle inside out, and Carson broke the blade on the inside of the buckle.

Now look I am by no means a Donald Trump fan, but to anyone hearing that for the first time it does sound a bit ridiculous. Trump then begged someone in the crowd to come at him with a knife, he promised he wouldn’t need his security detail as he has a belt buckle on and he can turn it inside out to defend himself just like the man did when Carson attacked him all those years ago.

So again I am not sure I applaud Trump for finally making / attacking on a weak story his closest competition has put out there for all to know, but unfortunately Trump could not help himself and did not stop there. Trump of course had to take it one step further when he basically related Carson’s self-admitted “pathological temper” to that of which a child molester may have.

Yes Trump really did imply that Carson’s past temper issues basically makes him the equivalent of a child molester. I mean if that does not show America that freedom of speech truly does exist, then I do not know what would!