17 Reactions To Ahmed Who Got Arrested For Making A Clock

With the recent events regarding Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old teen who was arrested for simply making a clock to impress his teachers that led to his detainment and eventual release to his parents, it’s surprising how racist and Islamophobic some people are, especially in a country where there are supposedly plenty of opportunities for everyone.

The news regarding this caused an uproar that even celebrities and very prominent people in their fields took a stand to show their support to Ahmed. We’ve managed to gather the internet’s reactions, including celebrities, teachers, and public officials, towards this.

The moral of this story?

Do not jump to conclusions, and treat people of various races and religions with respect and as an equal, most especially if they did nothing wrong.

A word of warning: you might want to have some tissues at hand from seeing all the touching messages.

1. President Barack Obama

You know you’re doing it wrong if even the President takes a stand to show his support. In this midst of this incident that went viral, President Obama took to twitter to even extend an invitation to Ahmed to bring his clock and come visit the White House, as well as encouraging him to continue building.