20 Awkward Child Stars Who Became Insanely Hot

Everyone can argue that our teenage years, especially in our mid-teens, are the worst. Puberty’s hit, all the acne, basically this is the time when we’re still working things out and being conscious of how we look and all that stuff. It seems much worse when you’re someone who’s always in front of the camera and in the public eye all the time. These kids and tweens from the movies and shows we love all managed to successfully make it through the awkward phase we call puberty and come out turning heads like it’s nobody’s business. Their transformation from awkward to gorgeous is unbelievable.

1. Abigail Breslin

What a difference a few years make. We first saw her in the film “Little Miss Sunshine”, sporting glasses and a ton of colorful bracelets and armbands. Now, she’s nearing her 20’s and is looking as gorgeous as ever. Little Miss Sunshine no more, she’s turned into a blonde bombshell.