She Smokes? 22 Shocking Celebrity Smokers

If you know your favorite stars all too well, then you better think again. You might be surprised to know that some female celebrities have a dark and nasty habit of puffing cigarettes all day long! Well, that’s a bit exaggerated but really, some of Hollywood’s sweethearts can puff like a real man. And you ask, she smokes? YES! Curious, are you? No worries! We just rounded up a list of celebrities who finds cigarette a guilty pleasure.

Check out these female celebrities who happen to have a habit of smoking.

1. Mila Kunis

Most people would think that smoking actually fits the gorgeous actress’ spunky character. She appears to be a trouble-maker in most of her films and plays a very tough persona. Nevertheless, seeing Kunis taking a puff still looks a bit different. Don’t you think she’s too young to be smoking so heavily? Let’s just say that it is also a waste of her beauty.