18 Most Dangerous Roads In The World Worth Avoiding

Roads have existed for a thousand years now. Leave it to the Romans to introduce the wonders of a paved road, to make it safer for people to walk on, and for cars to go on. While people stick to driving along nice roads when going somewhere, there are roads that are really not advisable for cars to go in. These roads are considered the most dangerous in the world, ranging from known areas to the remote, to the paved and to the not-so-paved, among many other factors that make it dangerous. We’ve listed a few of the roads that might remind you how walking can be a better way to get to places.

1. Trans-Siberian Highway - Russia

A general name for the series of highways that are deemed one of the longest in the world, apart from the Trans-Canada Highway and Australia’s Highway #1. If you want to get to Vladivostok from St. Petersburg, you’d have to go through all kinds of terrain, from muddy paths to mountains, to deserts. Oh, and a lot of these roads are unpaved, like in this photo.