13 Insane Names For Everyday Objects

Have you ever wondered why the things we use everyday are named as such? Were they named after people who invented them? Were they named after their primary function? Or were they named after another factor entirely? Or were they just named randomly according to what they look like? It seems a little mind-boggling to think how the things we use everyday are named. Ah, the beauty and complexity of language, right? But we really have to hand it to some people to name everyday things rather differently, or rather bizarrely, because most of these names for objects that we’ve listed below are surprisingly accurate descriptions, while some are really just other terms for these objects, with origins that are a little more elaborate. But it does make you wonder what people were on when they managed to think of these names. Oh well, there’s no use being super fancy here as the names can be really bizarre.

1. Space Light

Also known as the sun. It is also a very accurate description as the sun is a giant star and is the center of our solar system. Then again, it could also mean a beam coming from a UFO ship, but we’ll just go with the first thing we said. In a sentence? We need to protect ourselves from the space light’s UV rays, so it’s advisable that we wear some sunblock.