18 Of The Creepiest Facts That Will Haunt You

Truth is stranger than fiction. It becomes more unbelievable to know that something that seems like a tall tale is actually true, or an event that seems so fictional is actually the opposite. In fact, some things that are true end up being some of creepiest things to find out about, to the extent that it lingers in our minds and haunts us for a while. We’ve listed a few of the many, many facts that are scarily true. Well, the more you know, after all.

1. The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident

Could there be a possibility that vampires exist? Well, this seems like it could. In the 1880’s and 90’s, the family of George and Mary Brown from Exeter, Massachusetts, were plagued with a kind of tuberculosis. Mary was the first to die, and soon after, her eldest daughter Mary Olive had died, in 1888. Edwin caught the disease in 1890, and in 1892, their daughter Mercy caught the disease as well and died in 1892. At that time, when most of the family members died of a disease, it was believed that one of them had been engaged in paranormal activities. When George Brown was told to dig up the bodies of his family members, while Mary and Mary Olive had already been decomposed, Mercy’s body was still very much preserved, and the townspeople saw this as a sign that she was a vampire. Her heart was then removed and burned and its ashes were mixed in with the tea to give to Edwin in order to cure him. Edwin died 2 months later.