Believe It Or Not, This Erupting Volcano Contained A Creepy Secret…

Calbuco Eruption And Its Creepy Secret

All news outlets from around the globe are publishing and distributing photos of the fuming and monstrous Calbuco volcano as it throws off a huge pile of smoke and ash. However, a video posted online has caught the attention of millions of netizens in different social media platforms. The video seemingly caught two flashing objects or aircrafts floating and moving in the sky! Now that’s tremendously spooky and mysterious.

What makes this incident even stranger is that Chile has a government division solely dedicated in investigating reports and claims of unidentified flying objects or UFOs. It is what the government calls a separate UFO Bureau officially named as the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA). Well, that’s pretty awesome and crazy for me.

Due to the UFO sightings, a lot of people came into conclusion that these UFOs hovering over the volcano could have a link on why the eruption happened without any signs of an impending danger. Although there is no clear-cut detail on how this could possible happen, still such speculation has gained popularity among the people.

Could it be the real deal or is it yet another covert government or military aircraft? No one really knows for sure but one thing is clear, there exists strange crafts floating in the sky and there are evidence proving the same.

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