21 Celebs Whose Age Will SHOCK You!!

There must be something at this day and age that, while time flies by fast, signs of aging are slow among people today. There are people who tend to look mature, but there are people who look younger than they are, or aren’t. It could all be narrowed down to genetics and lifestyle, both of which play big parts in someone’s physical appearance and the way they age. In this case, we’re talking about the celebrities who don’t exactly look their age, who either look younger than they are, or who look a little more mature. These celebrities may or may not surprise you.

1. Jared Leto

With his upcoming movie, “Suicide Squad” bringing him in to the list of actors who have portrayed the most celebrated and most iconic villain in the Batman universe, as well as him being a very talented actor and singer, you might think that Jared’s just in his 30’s or his late 20’s to have achieved so much. Guess what? He’s actually 43! He must have been drinking from the fountain of youth.