You’ll Never Look AT Kim Kardashian Again After You See This

Kim Kardashian has been brandishing her face in almost all social media platforms and we can see her living the ultimate Hollywood glitz and glamor kind of life. But really, that doesn’t make her an exception to everything that’s totally embarrassing and unflattering! Curious? Well, if you haven’t seen the other side of Kim K then today is your lucky day. We’ve rounded up some of Kim K’s rather awkward and embarrassing moments that will surely make you cringe.

Sorry Kim, we just have to let it all out. You’ll never look at Kim Kardashian again after you see these photos!

1. THAT Crying Face

What a cry baby! Seriously though, this doesn’t look very authentic at all. We can very well assume that this super awkward crying face is just part of all the drama. Well, that’s typical Kim K. But don’t you think it’s pretty awesome seeing her face a bit distorted, like totally weeping? We’re just sick and tired of her stone-cold face on Instagram. Oopsie!