21 Secrets About Kylie Jenner

So as a young, rich, celebrated and astoundingly beautiful woman, Kylie Jenner was always likely to earn the scorn of many. Rising to fame on the back of her appearances on Meet the Kardashians, she has forged herself a career as one of America’s most recognisable faces although, let’s face it, what she’s done to deserve such appraisal is difficult to pinpoint. Her are some secrets about Miss Jenner, you might not have known.

1. Her favourite shows are “American Horror Story” and “Vampire Diaries”

Yeah, so no one really expected Kylie to be the smartest cookie in the box so I guess we can’t be surprised that her favourite shows are supernatural vampire thrillers with exceptionally good looking people playing characters who are ten years younger than they are. To be fair, it’s been quite a while since Kylie lived in the real world though.