This Woman Almost Died Because Of Something You Probably Do Every Day

Who knew that an everyday thing can be this fatal?

Be it men or women, anyone with long hair can understand that we always want to put our hair up, because of whatever reasons that have been interfering with us. Whatever is our reason, it’s always better to keep our manes in place. And who doesn’t agree with that? Women’s hair is more uncontrollable than that of men’s so we definitely need the credit. Anyway, its either we put our hair ties in our purse, we will always want to put them to our wrists where is much easier to reach when we want that instant comfort of knowing your hair is in place.

And one of a mom in Louisville, Audree Kopp’s routine is to slip up a nice hair tie in her wrist before she leaves the house. Hair ties can be a great accessory, so it’s fine, but when she slipped a glittery hair tie, she didn’t knew that something might go wrong. We all agree how convenient it is, but apparently, the glitter in her hair tie created a small and almost invisible scratch on her wrist. Of course wouldn’t really feel something so small that water might be able to slip up. It won’t hurt that much. But apparently, thinking that it will heal quickly backfired and the result is that the bacteria in the glitter and hair tie have made contact to her blood.

And with a little scratch, you won’t even feel anything. But the bacteria has still made its way into her system and this bump is the only thing that provided her to ask some questions and visit her doctor. It was a bump the size of a quarter and it looks tender to the touch. But that is just the start of it all. And even if her physician said that ‘it’s no big deal’, anyone with that kind of bump in her hand and is preventing her to do her household chores will be a bit worried. After the visit, the physician did give her antibiotics but wait until morning comes.

She then woke up with a horrifying HOLE on where the bump should have been. We didn’t even wanted to share the horrifying hole, but we will leave it to your imaginations. The hole was big and looks like a rigorous spider bite. But she knows well enough to see that her bump is gone and was replaced with that hole (you can clearly see her flesh and meat covered with pus). Its horrifying, and she got a second opinion and found out that she had barely avoided sepsis which is also known as blood poisoning.

And who would actually think that its going to happen? Women always wear hair ties on their wrists for convenient’s sake, but after this incident, I doubt that anyone would really wear a glittery hair ties. Anyway, the doctor in her medical team, Mr. Amit Gupta said that wearing hair ties in our wrists leads to a greater risk of getting this infection. Ms. Audree was lucky to have avoided the infection that did not spread to her bones and tendons.