Sia Explains Why She Doesn’t Take Off Her Wig on ‘Ellen’

We all know who Sia is, but why does she keeps on hiding her face?

We know of Sia and her loads of popular songs like ‘Alive’, ‘Chandelier’, and ‘Elastic Heart’. And fans have always been curious as to why she wants to keep her private life, well, private. Whatever it is, the media is taking her seriously. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want answers and will want Sia to just shut up and not talk about it. With all those wigs and hair accessories, we all know that she’s serious and she wouldn’t be doing anything more than that. Be it while performing or appearing in TV shows, she will always be wearing wigs and keeping that kid’s (the dancer in her music videos) career a great bunch.

Her reasons are confidential, but on Tuesday, she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and Ellen asked why she has been doing that all because fans want to know, and then basically, all things got cut and ears were open as she said, “Well, it’s so that I can go to Target and buy a hose if I want to, and/or if I’m in need of a restroom and I can’t find one, I could go by the side of the road,” followed by fits of laughing from both of them and Sia added, “and nobody would be following me with a camera trying to get ‘the shot.’” So, yeah, we basically understand what she mean, and she may want her career to go big since she’s an entertainer and all, but she definitely do not want to be followed by those paparazzi that will eventually ruin her life.

She may be kidding with what she said, but basically, its true to the core and it’s a no laughing matter. A lot of celebrities’ career fell because fame’s lights are shining brightly upon them and they were blinded by it. And maybe as a term that Sia might want fans to see is that she doesn’t want to get blinded by the lights and chooses to cover her face, and most importantly, her eyes. Its no big deal for fans, really. We understand where she’s coming from and we totally get it, but what does she really look like? She has been rocking those high end fashion and almost surreal designs by the different designers and it suits her well.

With her songs that are sang from her heart, clothes that fit her personality is a must. Because, she must also be hiding her face is a fashionable and fabulous manner, right? Anyway, she singer is probably happy with her decisions and everyone is respecting it. No one wants to go the wrong way. And in her case, she likes to walk the right way and do the logical things that she wants to do. Be it a normal shopping spree or a date with a stranger, or just having a normal day out with her friends, she definitely want to enjoy her life as a normal person not a celebrity.