22 Celebrity Estates Still Bringing In Millions

It is an oft-repeated phrase that the only two things sure in this life are death and taxes. Certainly, even the rich and famous are not absolved from these irritations but there are some people, those that have transcended their status as mere mortals and risen to the rank of near deities, that neither the government nor the grim reaper could do much to damage their bank balances.

1. Michael Jackson

When news of death of The King of Pop filtered through to the public knowledge on the 25th June 2009, the world reacted with shock. Jackson had been an international best-selling artist for almost his entire life, attracting enormous levels of attention and controversy. Incredibly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Jackson’s death prompted a further explosion of his already huge sales figures, a growth that has shown no signs of slowing down, netting him over $115 million in 2015 alone.