New Edits to Animal Genes Cut Down on Rough Drafts, but not on worries…

Genetic Editing can make our food much better, but what is the General Public’s take on it?

We all know what it’s like to get pissed by animals with have this downside in them that we definitely do not like. But with new technologies, it has been said that humans have been dominating over the animals much more than what we have been doing before. Just take a look at these two cows below. Those two are bred and was genetically edited to make them grow hornless. The scientists from a company called Recombinetics have been able to edit their DNA structure to help the farmers avoid the dehorning procedure that these cows do not like. It’s been considered by the American Veterinary Medical Association as painful, so why not help them, right? But this issue has produced a lot of critical comments about editing their DNAs. Yes, people might not want to see those bulls get dehorned, but they also do not agree to edit their DNA.

Despite all these issues, there have been many experiments that the Genetic Editing groups have done. Genetic Editing is like Genetic Engineering, but Genetic Engineering is considered more expensive and time consuming, so people are then trying to find more ways to solve the problem. And as you can see, Genetic Editing is one of the solutions that are making great results. The process does not need for scientists to comb through their entire DNA, but rather replace some genes that might make them vulnerable.

They tweak it, and it will be copied to all of their genetic codes that can be passed on to their offspring. It’s a very cheap and faster approach to breeding, said NYTimes. The genetic information that they once made will be kept and passed on to the next generations.

But with all of the engineering and gene tweaking going on, a lot of people are still uncomfortable with the idea of gene editing. Some says that the animals are still part of the world and although they may be in small picture, they are not really that unimportant. They make up what the Earth is now, and the gene editing might make a bigger consequence if they are diving head on for it. And its also to say that the animals might never be the same anymore, since, we’re very much likely disturbing their evolution and ‘upgrading’ them.

Some also says that it can be of great help to them especially with the animals like pigs who are vulnerable of the flue and can sometimes transmit it to us humans. It can be of help to them and to us, so they think that it’s a win-win situation. But this new technique might as well be of great help with the livestock industry and to us humans.

Many in the livestock industry might agree, but they are still waiting and watching for the public’s response to this astounding news. It may be a great help, but there is also big risks that might happen, like the bacterias that replaces some genes. Some think that it might result to the humans to decrease in number. Well, the only thing we might be able to do as the general public, is to be wise about it.