Family of Florida Boys Lost at Sea Work to Reduce Future Tragedies ‘Something Positive Is Going to Come Out of This’

Grief always change people…

Have you ever been able to feel like you were of no help at all? That one feeling that we get when we can’t do anything but be silent and just sit there and try to think of the things that might have happened if ever we were different? We contemplate a lot of things and we think of a lot of things. We are not able to be of help and we don’t want that. It’s a mystery, but people will always have the urge to do everything that they can. Its in the mission that we, humans are here for. But with a lot of things making its way in our lives, there will be some things that won’t be able to be controlled.

As there are already a lot of thing that we are unable to put our hands on, it seems that a tragedy has shaped the lives of Blu Stephanos when his son, Austin and his long time friend Perry Cohen when they both set out on a boat to have a fishing trip together last July 24. It seemed like a normal thing that these two best friends will do, but it was when the two didn’t e back later that evening. Their parents were so worried and alarmed only to find the boat that the two was on, two days later about 67 miles off of Daytona Beach. They were devastated, and Stephanos, who admitted that he was usually the one helping, has received much help from their locality. The whole town has seen their bonds and they have grieved together. But Stephanos seemed that he wouldn’t give up.

Losing a child may have been the greatest thing that a parent would not want to experience. And as for Blu, he lost his child who was only 14 years old. But he didn’t want anyone’s efforts in supporting him come to something unproductive. In fact, he was able to conduct a private search and rescue throughout Florida. But when the search seemed to have turned in vain when they finished in August, Blu, decided to make everyone secure and easy to find whenever they set out on water. Blue was able to get hi eyes on emergency position indicator radio beacons, commonly known as EPIRBs, and personal locator beacons, or PLBs. These devices will help people send distress signals manually or it will do it for them, when the boat that was installed upon has received an alarming amount of water. This has even been petitioned to be a law in the request of Blue with the AustinBlu Foundation that was raised for the memory of his child. As of now, there is still no news whether the bill was approved but Blu is pleading the state of Florida to approve it, since this will be helping more people, not his selfish desires.