Crime Writer Michelle McNamara Dies At Age 46… Leaves The World Shocked

She passed away in her sleep… leaving her family and the entire world in utter shock.

Michelle McNamara, a name synonymous with great crime writing, passed away recently at the young age of forty six. The young actor was found dead in her home in Las Vegas according to Kevin McLaughlin of Main Stage Public Relations. Kevin is her husband’s, Patton Oswalt, publicist and announced on Thursday that Michelle passed away in her sleep last Friday.

Michelle was a well known writer who graduated as a fighting Irish from Notre Dame and went on to achieve a masters degree from the University of Minnesota. She would go on to utilize her degree in creative writing to found her website, True Crime Diary. On her website she wrote about criminal cases, both fiction and nonfiction, that stood out to her.

Instead of focusing on well known and popular cases Michelle normally focused upon cases that were less well known. Some of her most popular written works are about the Golden State Killer and Nurse Melanie Howell’s murder in 1976. Michelle quoted in an interview once about her work, “It’s the ones that really don’t get that much attention that interest me because I think what’s interesting about them is there’s more stuff to be unearthed that hasn’t been in the public yet and you can do it.”

Her decision to begin the website mostly stemmed from her curiosity on the cases and her belief that some cases should be given more publicity than they currently are being given. She was especially talented at approaching cases from a new angle many hadn’t thought of and throughout her website’s long history she acquired a fairly decent sized following of die hard fans.

Another one of Michelle’s biggest point’s she always stressed in her writing is the sensitivity that comes with such a grisly topic. She often wrote in a way to focus on the hard facts of the case or any outstanding pieces of evidence instead of mentioning any of the gory or more painful details attached to the case. Her work was commonly used by police officers as a resource and consultant on cases that stumped them however and was well known for her intelligent analysis.

Michelle is survived by a loving and mourning family who were all very shocked by her passing. Her husband, Oswalt, is a famous comedian with TV credits in the movies Ratatouille, Magnolia, and Starsky and Hutch. Michelle is also survived by her seven year old daughter, Alice. While no cause of death has been reported yet for the young writer, she is already greatly missed by many and her passing is sure to impact fans and family for years to come.