Olivia Wilde Is Pregnant Again With Baby #2 With Jason Sudeikis!

Congrats to the doubly happy couple! But they won’t marry until weed is legal!

Olivia Wilde has announced the news that her husband, Jason Sudeikis and her are expecting their second child with an Instagram post of her and her adorable son Otis both cradling their “matching baby bumps”. Sudeikis has also recently opened up to several sources talking about his desire to expand the family he has and tells us he is “All for it” when it comes to the opportunity of having more children.

Jason often talks about his relationship with Olivia in a very positive light and frequently has been caught with a glint in his eye when he speaks of the future development planned for his family with her. A little anxiousness was of course present at first during the journey of their first child yet he now jokes that, “My own kid makes me want more, because I made it with Olivia and that seems like a good cocktail.

He has told fans fans how great they are in supporting each other yet mentions that he doesn’t think the two are likely to be married until weed is legal in every state on Watch What Happens Live! Fans have also been predicting another kid to coming soon to the Wilde household after Olivia’s claims of desperation for more kids during the Target event in New York. Her attitude is one leaning towards the more the merrier.

The two parents have said their not the only ones excited by the news either. Many children can experience issues with jealousy and feelings of losing all the attention when a new child is born. Yet as of now Otis is currently handling the announcement well and Olivia says Otis seems to be excited by the future addition to his household family. Whether this attitude remains after the new one is here is yet to be seen.

The two stars have had a stunning journey with their first child and have talked about all the new things parenthood has taught them and allowed them to experience. Wilde has gushed on about her first child saying how much of a little musician her little man is. While its not yet been announced the gender of the expected child it’s no doubt either way the family will more than welcome the newcomer.

No due date or baby shower parties have been announced yet but fans are already lining up for news and are well into theory crafting on the possible names of the new child. Either way congratulations are in order for the happy couple!