Doris Roberts Bids The World A Sad Farewell At The Age Of 90

“I’m learning something all the time. That’s the way I want it to go, and that’s the way I’ll go until I am no longer on this planet.” - Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts has played the loving and bossy mother of Ray Romano for years. She passed away this past Sunday in Los Angeles according to TMZ. The hit actress has won five Emmys, four of which are thanks to her role on the hit series “Everybody Loves Raymond”. ABS and CBS have backed up the claims. Seven of the eleven Emmys Roberts had been nominated for were for her work on the set as Raymond’s mother. She ended up winning four of her Emmy’s while working there as Marie Barone.

Add in the first Emmy she earned back in 1983 for a guest appearance on“St. Elsewhere”and you have a pretty impressive line of awards. Her persona during her nine years spent playing the role of Marie Barone was one she claimed received inspiration from Italian, Jewish, and German cultures she had seen in Romano’s Italian mother and Phil Rosenthal’s, the series producer, mother. The actions echo throughout the series though from love and affection.

Her omnipresent role is merely a way to express her desire for her loved ones to lead the best lives she can. That doesn’t equate to her going easy on her beloved son and his Wife, Debra. Her acting was developed over a very long stint with the series. She appeared in the second season of the series when producers decided they needed another dynamic character. The original plan was to use a younger actress to come in for competition for Raymond’s time and attention. She appeared in 72 episodes from 1983 to 1987.

Doris May Green was born in St. Louis. She changed her name shortly after however to the family name of her stepfather, Chester H. Roberts. She would go on to be raised in the Bronx after her father’s departure from the family picture with her mom and Stepfather. She went on to study Journalism for a brief stint at NYU yet took her shot at show business in 1955 on Broadway. Her first performance was based upon a comic play of William Saroyan’s“The Time of Your Life”.

Thus her love of acting was inspired. She was a spokeswoman for age discrimination in Hollywood and for a long time sat on chair for the Children Affected by AIDS foundation. She helped fundraise for the foundation with the help of her fans. The famous actress has been married twice and is survived by her son, Michael. She will be well remembered and deeply missed by her fans everywhere.