Liam Hemsworth Denies Engagement Allegations With Miley Cyrus!

Well they saw her moving back into his house, and she wore the ring, but Liam says they’re not engaged! What?!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have recently had new rumors going about at the possibility the two are engaged once again. The rumors started after a trusted source told PEOPLE that the two were once again a couple. Originally the rumors were mostly speculations upon the two’s relationship. That is until Miley was seen wearing her 3.5 carat engagement ring in an Instagram post, shining front and center, a while back.

The rumor mill was happy to jump to what conclusions they could make. The obvious one would be that the two are once again engaged. Yet Hemsworth says differently. Despite all the insistence by many that they are truly engaged, the 26 year old Australian actor has confirmed the exact opposite during an interview with Australia’s TV WEEK. His response when being inquired upon his engagement was:

“I am not engaged, no.”

The couple had been previously engaged in the past. They originally met on the set of “The Last Song” in June of 2009. The two were originally just friends until they’re first public appearance as a couple in March, 2010 at an Oscars event. The couple then experienced their first break up shortly after and were no longer together. They maintained their status as friends however and began to see one another once again in April of 2011.

They engaged in June of 2012 yet the engagement was continuously postponed due to various issues between the two until, it was finally called off in September 2013 officially after Miley was accused of cheating with Ed Westwick in 2013 by Perez Hilton. The two have managed to maintain a close relationship as friends however throughout the ups and downs they’ve experienced together. Since January of this year the two have been together again as a couple up to this point.

Miley was seen with a mover’s truck moving into Liam’s place one day and it is now assumed the two are shacking up together. Of course more sources have claimed that the two are happier than ever and are right where they wish to be right now. It certainly seems the case for now with the way Miley has been acting on social media and it’s obvious the two share a close relationship that has sustained so much already. Yet the verdict stands from Liam himself that the two are currently unengaged, that’s not to say these things don’t all preclude wedding bells however!