Whoops! Avatar Sequels Not As Anticipated As Numbers Would Lead

We’ve heard rumors and the epicness will hit screens in 2018!

James Cameron, director of Avatar which is currently considered the highest grossing movie of all time, has recently announced not just three, but four action packed adventures to still come on his created world of Pandora at CinemaCon. The original film blew expectations out of the water back in 2009. Many critics were completely against the predictions of the film’s success. Yet Cameron was able to shut many of them up with the stunning visualizations throughout his movie that captivated audiences in theaters everywhere.

Originally “Avatar 2” was to be filmed in 2014 and released in 2016. Yet the movie’s production and release was delayed due to the belief by many of its core members that they wanted to allow the film industries technology to develop a little more to the level their vision would require. The cutting edge technology the sequels are to be displayed on is only available in theaters for the majority however and will no doubt severely dampen take home sales for the series.

The main focus and biggest pulling factor for fans everywhere of the franchise is not in the story set in the first movie but the stunning visual presentations is gave and the incredible world it has opened up to people. The majestic scenery and imaginative beasts and people that call the world of Pandora home captured many people’s attentions. Sadly images are easily and quickly forgotten and the hype for the movie’s sequels has continued a constant decline. This could of course be due to nearly a ten year gap in the release of the upcoming “Avatar 2” and its predecessor.

The movie series has also hurt its ability to possibly create a stream of book revenue through publication. Even the most talented of writers would struggle to convey through the written word the sheer amount of detail and even “magic” that can be shown on the big screen. That’s not to say however that the following sequels won’t be a success and Cameron very well could tackle these new challenges in incredible ways.

The development of the story line and an increase in the connection between viewer and its main characters may really complete the story and could put the finishing touches on Cameron’s attempt to convey the dynamic world he has in his head to his audiences. The rest of the series has already been lain out in plan for its release dates. Whether the schedule will be followed is still yet to be seen. While it has been many years since Avatar recently made its debut there are still many of us out here waiting with held breath to see what Cameron and his crew have in store waiting for us on our next visit to Pandora.