Residents were already disturbed because of house party

This party should be stop!!!

A celebrity called the cops on the house party of Johnny Manziel at Los Angeles. The Johnny Manziel party train rolled through Los Angeles this month and Johnny Football apparently upset a few of his neighbours. Manziel was staying in a rental house just in the North of the West Hollywood area and Manziel threw a few raggers during his two-night stay from April 4 to 6 according to the real estate broker who rented him the place.

Things got so crazy on the second night of Manziel’s stay because Kathy Griffin called police to complain about the noise coming from Manziel’s place as what Huffington Post reported. The former star of Life on the D-List probably should have given Manziel a few pointers about being on the D-List because that’s where his life seems to be headed.

Griffin was not the only one who called the cops either since someone else called the police on the first night of Manziel’s ragger.  The guy who rented the place to Manziel who is also a real estate broker named Nicholas Goodwin told Huff Post that between 40 and 70 people showed up at Manziel’s place each night to party. The house that Manziel rented has a security camera which is the main reason on why Goodwin had a rough idea of just how many people were there in his party.

The house suffered about $20,000 in damages from the party of Manziel and Goodwin also wants Manziel to pay $5,000 per night for throwing down the parties. This is because there was a clause in the rental agreement that called for a higher nightly price if more than three people were going to be staying in the house. Manziel had told him that only two or three people would be staying there per night. Goodwin is asking for an extra $32,000 from Manziel in total.

The partying wasn’t the only thing that got out of hand for Manziel last week as he was a passenger in a hit-and-run three days after he checked out of the rental house. He has not been charged with any wrong doing but he could have been seriously injured in the wreck.

TMZ obtained a post-crash photo of the car and the vehicle was smashed so much. The wreck occurred on the night of April 9 after Manziel’s friend Ryan Silverstein ran his Mercedes into a light pole and the Police are still investigating the single-car incident.

Manziel is ‘lucky to be alive according to the police who are investigating the case. Not only did every airbag in the car go off but the passenger side of the vehicle was completely smashed as well. Manziel allegedly left the scene after catching a ride from former teammate Josh Gordon which is the biggest twist of all. Manziel said that he hasn’t been partying on April 8 but that is clearly not the case in here. Manziel said on April 8 tha the L.A. party scene is alright. He is not really partying though. He is just out some of his friends with no drinking and he is out of the spots.