Frank Lampard talks about his wedding

 What a sweet couple!!!

Frank Lampard says his wedding to Christine Bleakley was more nerve-racking than any football match he ever had. The Chelsea legend who tied the knot last December says he and wife Christine are still in the honeymoon period after their perfect wedding day. Frank Lampard surely knows a thing or two about pressure from his days as a Premier League and England footballer.

The Chelsea legend captained the Blues in their Champions League final win over Bayern Munich back in 2012, and was a key figure in helping propel the West London club to the glory days today’s fans have been immersed in as well. Frank reckons the most nerve-racking moment ever of his life was walking down the aisle to tie the knot with Christine Bleakley in front of family and friends.

He said as he spoke for the first time of that emotional moment in December, that everything from beginning to end was magical. We dream about our wedding day and have anxiety about tables and food and people but from the moment he woke up until the end of the night, everything was perfectly good.

He admitted he was very nervous doing the right thing and whether he would get too emotional but he loved the service and it felt like everything that a marriage should be.

The couple stepped up for the first dance and were serenaded by Ed Sheeran to up the celebrity status of Frank and Christine’s wedding. The New York City midfielder has two daughters, 10 year old Luna and 8 year old Isla. He added that the curtains went back and they had their dance and then the kids jumped on them and they danced with them too which was special. They had people there they cared about and it was as small as they could have made it and it went perfectly.

Frank had father Frank Sr by his side on his wedding day and he said they had fun together. The two of them both work hard and are similar in their ways. They have felt the relationship kick on again since their marriage.

The couple are both 37 and wed at St Paul’s church in Knightsbridge, West London. They now live in New York where Frank is chatting over coffee in the Upper East Side. Frank has best-selling children’s books titled Frankie’s Magic Football. Each one is dedicated to his beloved mother Pat who died in 2008 of ­pneumonia when he was 29. The fact she was not at his wedding is a source of sadness to him and he admits to shedding a tear during the speeches  with his dad Frank Sr. by his side.

Frank is recovering from injury and has not played since the start of the season. He said that it was a special day for him and his mum who was and still is the most important person in his life in many ways. Frank had to say something about her not being there but he was worried he would break down. It was right she got a mention and that is why he got so emotional.