Chris Hemsworth opens up something

 What is this something???

The handsome and hot actor Chris Hemsworth opens up about his extreme weight changes and often said that the challenge is not physical but emotional. Chris Hemsworth is famous for how wonderful an actor he is, not to mention how gorgeous he is and hot with that kind of body.

We can see Chris Hemsworth almost everywhere lately and not everyone is complaining because of the wonderful scene they see all the time.

You can actually check out the hunky Melbournite as the title character of “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”, which is months after his star turn in, just last December’s In the Heart of the Sea.

The fans of the actor will have noticed that his weight has been fluctuating a lot in recent flicks and it is not an accident. This actually raises a lot of questions such us how did he lose weight and why. Chris Hemsworth dished to the May issue of Men’s Health about how he managed the punishing task of drastically changing his body for roles.

You will that he knocked 30 lbs off his famously beefy physique if you was able to watch the ‘In the Heart of the Sea and he had to confine himself to 500 calories a day for four weeks which in his case was lots of big vegetable soup and giant salads.

Chris later revealed that the problem is that he was not underfed or anything near that. His challenge is not physical but emotional. The actor was asked how he faced up to the trial. His response was, “were losing weight together — the bond we formed was incredible. It reminded me of being on a football team growing up, where we’d do anything for each other.”

Chris had to lurch from one end of the scale to the other to reprise his role as Thor in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” once that movie wrapped though and his personal trainer and nutritionist Luke Zocchi set him up on a diet full of white meat plus protein smoothies.

The workout regimen featured a flurry of lifts on, and in Zocchi’s words a shoulder press, bench press, standing bar curls, and skull crushers. There were a bunch of different types of pullups thrown into the mix too just in ere were a bunch of different types of pullups thrown into the mix too.

Chris then have to swing back the other way for a more trimly muscular look in “The Huntsman” which was more about cardio and core, a process that doesn’t sound nearly as gruesome.

Not that Chris does not like a bit of a workout on his downtime too. He told Men’s Health that he frequently goes surfing having relocated to Byron Bay, Australia with the fambam

He said that you can forget about everything sitting on our boards out in the ocean beyond where the waves break waiting for the next set and it is a great place to talk and have a laugh.

You should really watch “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” in theatres on April 22nd!