Jon Favreau in “The Jungle Book” movie

This will be a wonderful movie!!!

Jon Favreau is surely going to have a huge hit on his hands with the movie “The Jungle Book”. There is actually no question that the animated feature “The Jungle Book” is an all time classic from Disney.

It is one of many films that the studios have now adapted into live action films as well. There was obviously some apprehension going in but it appears to be one of the most well regarded up to date critics at advance screenings. It is not surprising that the buzz suggests a huge success. It is not just because of the previous love for “The Jungle Book” but also it is because the actor that will play the movie is Jon Favreau and those who have big success in the past. Sadly, he does not get the credit he deserves as a big time filmmaker even if he certainly got his new outing hits theaters over the weekend. He will surely print another mint for the mouse soon enough.

The film is obviously a live action retelling of both Disney classic and also an adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling book of the same name as well. It follows the man-cub named Mowgli played by Neel Sethi as he tries to avoid the clutches of tiger Shere Khanwhile being assisted by panther Bagheera and the bear Baloo of course. Favreau directs here from a script by Justin Marks while the voice work is pretty A-list. Sethi is one of the live action presence but the animals voiced by celebrities are at talent wise level. Cinematography is created by the underrated Bill Pope while John Debney handles the score.

Favreau apparently have a special ability to make epic entertainment that appeals to both adults and children. Just look at the first Iron Man for evidence of how effortless he can make this universal entertainment seem and Elf is another example, showing why he was probably the perfect choice for The Jungle Book as well. Now probably makes his stock as high in Hollywood as it has ever been just as exciting that this project initially seeming like an odd choice for Favreau. Critics suspect that he can more or less make anything that he pleases at this point, and that is thrilling to someone. He is attached to develop a sequel right now which was a foregone conclusion on the part of Disney, but many hope he has something else brewing since his sway in the industry just got even stronger

The film should be a technical category player for sure awards wise. Disney might actually go all in here, with campaigns in Best Picture beyond that, along with the Best Director for Favreau and Best Adapted Screenplay for Marks as well.

Factor in the expected push for tech citations in Best Production Design and Best Cinematography, along with Best Film Editing and Best Sound Editing, or Best Sound Mixing and Best Original Score, Visual Effects as well. Critics do think Visual Effects could be a place where this one has a real chance to shine even if it is still too early to predict.