Madonna flies to Britain for a settlement

This is a serious business!!!

The singer Madonna decided to fly to Britain using her jet plane to talk with Guy Ritchie over the matters of their son Rocco. The singer wants a civil discussion to settle the issues of his son’s life and her visitation rights to him before he turns 16. Madonna has flown into the UK to thrash out a settlement regarding the custody of her estranged son Rocco. The pop star was hoping to meet the 15-year-old kid but he is currently on holiday at Maldives with his filmmaker Dad, Guy Ritchie .

Madge will sit in the round table with her son and ex-husband who have agreed to meet with the star in their return. Madonna arrived in London to meet with the lawyers to thrash out a settlement and she wants to do it in a civil way so that they can all come to an agreement.

A friend of her said that Madonna is hoping that they will decide where Rocco will live as well. Her visitation rights as Rocco is turning 16 in August and she wants to put an end to all of this dramas before then.

Madonna arrives at UK and completely ready for the meeting, the singer who has just completed 82 global concerts earning over £120million looked like she meant business as she arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport on Thursday morning.

Madonna is spotted wearing in an all-black ensemble which was decorated in arrows and inch lengths and she is also expected to visit London’s Kabbalah center who have been giving her spiritual advice through the process.

The source added that Madge has been getting advice from senior figures at the Kabbalah center and they have been helping her emotionally and keeping her strong through the whole process.

Their son Rocco has been living with Guy and his wife Jacqui Ainsley along with their three young children ever since he walked out of Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour before Christmas.

The teen fell out with his mum when she took away his phone because she wanted him to focus on his studies and High Court judge in London urged Madonna and Ritchie to try to settle the four-month battle over their son and focus on enjoying what is left of Rocco’s precious childhood just last month.

Mr. Justice MacDonald said it would be a very great tragedy if more of the fast receding” days of Rocco’s youth were taken up by litigation and the judge warned the pair that summer does not last forever and said their child would very quickly become an adult.

He pleaded with them to resolve their differences in a ruling on the latest stage of litigation following a hearing in the Family Division and he ruled that Madonna could halt legal action in England - and allow a judge in New York to make decisions. The two of them should let aside their differences since they already have a son. A good parent always sets aside their differences for the sake of their children.