Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in “The Demolition” movie

This film is going to be exciting!!!

The film Demolition is surely one of another strong role films for the actor Jake Gyllenhaal and it is pretty hard to argue that Gyllenhaal is not one of the absolute top tier of actors in Hollywood right now. He has been delivering one tremendous performance in the last few years and he has not yet been nominated with the Academy on the second Oscar nomination held last February. But, this time this might be close with Nightcrawler for sure. Jake Gyllenhaal has another strong performance to submit for consideration in Demolition this week which is a quirkier movie than the usual for him, but a fascinating one to say the least. It has received mixed reviews so far and it was only appropriate to discuss the flick before the official release of the film.

The film centres give some important advices on how we deal with grief and Davis who is the character that portrayed by Gyllenhaal is a successful investment banker who seems to be living the good life, but he finds himself unable to express any emotion in the aftermath of a car accident that kills his wife. He was clearly struggling and his father in law Phil played as Chris Cooper in the movie encourages him to make an effort which leads to him literally taking his life apart. Davis is writing a series of compliant letters to a vending machine company that is mostly made up of confessions at the same time it leads him to meet the customer service representative and her son. The pain of his would is slowly healing from there onwards. Bryan Sipe wrote the entire film and has been directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

What really meant in here is that Gyllenhaal’s performance on how he portrays the character is quite different than any of his movies before. Gyllenhaal makes Davis a fascinating mess to follow around for about two hours and this is the main reason on why that he is good at portraying everything. Fans will surely like the screenplay that Sipe came up. Observing and seeing Vallée directing at something is very different than its usual state.

This probably is going to be an uphill battle for Demolition to score an award wise though we cannot count out Gyllenhaal just yet. Perhaps we’ll see campaigns in Best Picture if this manages to be a bigger player than expected along with Best Director for Vallée. It is likely Gyllenhaal or bust with an outside chance of Sipe’s Original Screenplay catching on just to be sure and we might see an Academy Award nomination come his way here if he’s overdue.

Fans can begin to check out Demolition and see how it appeals to them staring today. Critics split on it but personally loved it, and moreover they can all agree that Gyllenhaal is superb here. This film is worth seeing if you are a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal. It is sure we’ll wind up discussing it more if the film does strong business and manages to get a bit of Oscar buzz. Don’t forget sure to check out Demolition opening in theaters this weekend and be ready to be amazed by his performance as well.