The claim of Fidelma Murray

This is her claim!!!

One of the actors’ mom claimed that an agent did not protect a boy after he caught smoking at the age of 13. Devon Murray is being sued by his former agent for £230,000 of agreed fees and interest never paid. The Harry Potter child star claims his agent did not protect the boy after he was caught smoking on the set and Fidelma Murray who is the mother of Devon Murray, who also played the role of Seamus Finnigan in the series made a point in the case being taken by her son’s former agent.

Mrs. Murray said that his former agent Neil Brooks did not do enough to protect her son from adverse publicity. His son was been caught smoking at the age of 13-years-old, she also said that she decided to sacked Mr Brooks as an agent because he had not done enough to ensure there was security to prevent the boy being photographed or to deal with the adverse publicity which subsequently appeared in social media sites.

Mr. Brooks who was being cross examined by Mrs. Murray said it was not his responsibility as he was only his guardian. Mr. Brooks is giving enough evidence in his action against Devon and his parents Fidelma and Michael for the recovery of €286,000 in commission fees. He says that the Murrays owe him for Devon’s work in the films. The Murrays immediately denied that they owe the money and said they have already paid €98,000 to him and the sum should be offset in the bill if they happen to owe something.

Devon played the role as an Irish student Seamus Finnigan, who Mr. Brooks was referring about the portrayed someone whose spells went wrong, blew things up and who was not able to use his magic wand.

Mr. Brooks told the court today how he took Devon on as agent after he first appeared in the Angela’s Ashes film because he was very impressed with the young boy and he sourced the Seamus Finnigan role in the first Harry Potter film through research and got him an audition providing flights and accommodation for the boy and his mother to the UK.

He says he did so getting offers of €50,000 for film three and €65,000 for film four but Murrays reneged on the agreement and said they were dealing directly with the film producers Warner Brothers though.

Mr. Brooks disagreed with her suggestion that Brooks didn’t actually get him the Harry Potter role and that it was her son’s acting ability that got him it under cross-examination by Fidelma Murray who says the family can no longer afford to pay solicitors and have to represent them.

Her words were: ‘You didn’t get him the role, you got the casting appearance’ and Mr. Brooks replied that he did not think she understood how it all worked.Mr. Brooks disagreed with her suggestion that he had not looked after Devon properly on the film set that includes not providing him with his own driver to bring him to the studios like the other child actors on the film. He also said Devon wanted to be driven in a Lexus car and he was unhappy staying in a five-star hotel during filming.