The frightening comments of Donald Trump

Is this even legit???

Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding on Islam are truly frightening as Haroon Moghul say: Do you think that once you open the door to hate, it will stop the Muslims? Moghul also said that slandering an entire religion with 1.5 billion adherents is unfathomable.

Haroon Moghul is a member at the institute for Social Policy and Understanding. He is an author, essayist and public speaker as well. The opinions expressed in this article are all stated by him.

Donald Trump is the America’s worst Islamophobe and we do not just mean that his bigotry is the most callous and shameless of all. It is that he knows better which makes his rhetoric and much more dangerous. Trump issued another sweeping judgment on Islam as he spoke Wednesday to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and said, ‘I think Islam hates us.’ Trump left it to the media to determine if that were the case when Cooper pressed him to explain whether he thought this enmity was a part and parcel of the faith, and it is not the first time Trump has ducked the obvious implications of his statements.

Trump didn’t say that radical Muslims hate the West which is at least true if only incompletely because radical Muslims hate most other Muslims too. They often don’t even consider most Muslims to be Muslims and Trump didn’t even say Muslims hate the West either. He just said that ‘Islam hates us.’

Haroon Moghul first reaction to these comments was disbelief and asked: ‘Who is Islam? Where does he live? Does he have an email address to which I can direct follow-up questions? How can you possibly believe that a religion 1,400 years old, with well over 1.5 billion adherents, who are found in almost every part of the planet, and represent a diversity that is as bewildering as it is overwhelming, simply hates us?’

Moghul’s next reaction was dismay because this language isn’t just offensive when you’re a minority and it is frightening. He then asked: ‘Who is “us”? Did my parents, born in British India, hate us, too?’ Because that would mean they hated the place they moved to — and their own children? I’m American and Muslim after all. Am I supposed to hate myself, too? Does my Muslimness cancel out my Americanness?’

Then what of the millions of Muslims who are Westerners who live in the West and who work here or travel here? On a recent night in Times Square’s M&M store, he overheard tourists from the Persian Gulf excitedly comparing the different kinds of candied treats available debating in Arabic and what they could take back and what they should. Do those people hate us too?

What makes it worse us that Trump at least among Republicans seems to have a better handle on the actual origins of radical Muslim enmity.

Trump becomes briefly and unusually insightful when he criticizes Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush’s foreign policy record and he blamed our former secretary of state for example for killing hundreds of thousands with her stupidity.