What Lee Mead thinks about his ex

What a gentlemen indeed!!!

Lee Mead believes that his ex-wife Denise Van Outen will be happy for him if ever he finds love again. The star of “Casualty” is currently dating again but says in his TV presenter that he and his ex are on great terms and recently holidayed together with their daughter. Little has changed between Lee Mead and Denise van Outen from time to time.

The two of them have just returned from holiday in Dubai with their beloved five-year-old daughter Betsy where they spent the days playing games on the beach and enjoying quality family time.

You can see from the pictures on what Denise posted on Instagram. They looked happier than before because they are now of course a very modern family. The man who mended her heart after four-year marriage to Lee ended two-and-a-half years ago because on the getaway that includes Denise’s current love Eddie Boxshall. But Lee is genuine when he says that he could not be more pleased seeing his ex-wife found love again unlike to some celebrity splits that become embroiled with bitterness.

He hopes she will feel the same way for him as he reveals he is finally dating once more now. The 34 year old Lee said that getting through the divorce was painful. He needed time to find himself again and he thinks he have done that now.

Lee who has just bought a new flat in his hometown of Southend-On-Sea, Essex added that their beautiful daughter will always be a marvelous connection­ between the two of them. He is happy to know that Denise is happy. Eddie is a really nice guy and he likes to think that Denise would want him to meet someone and be happy too.

Lee claimed that this is the happiest he have been in ages and he feel ready to share his life with someone even if it has taken a while to get to this point.  Denise and Lee met first when she was a judge on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s talent show which Lee won.

They became one of our favorite couples until rumors of trouble began after Denise took six holidays in nine months without Lee. The two of them denied there were problems and stressing they were just juggling busy schedules. But the pair decided to call it a day four years after their intimate Seychelles wedding. The 41 year old Denise bounced back finding love with 42 year old Eddie who she has dated since summer 2014.

Lee has been slower to get dating concentrating on his work playing Nurse Ben “Lofty” Chiltern in BBC1’s Casualty along those times. He said when he won the role in 2013 two months after their split that the demanding schedule helped distract him from the turmoil.

He explained that they were filming 12 hours a day and it kept him busy, but he has finally been able to concentrate on himself now on a break from the show until later this year which began with his flat. He said that it is a lovely home by the sea where he can bring Betsy and which is near his parents,