Scott Disick is now happy

Is this even true???

Scott Disick admits that he is the happiest man in ages as he opens up about the substance abuse experience with Caitlyn Jenner. Both Scott and Caitlyn are emotional as they have a heart to heart scenes filmed for Caitlyn’s reality show.

Caitlyn Jenner and Scott Disick soon made and ended up confiding with each other about their past struggles including Scott’s substance abuse after a minor bust up. The father of three makes an appearance in the latest episode of “I Am Cait” and the former Olympian seemingly ignores Caitlyn while having a dinner with the girls.

Cait then soon has a sudden change of heart and decided to go and see Scott who has decided to packed up and leave the road trip early. The 32 year old replied: ‘Again I’m here for you. I’m not here for just your people. You know what I mean? I’ve spent more time with them than I have with you.’

Caitlyn explains that she knows but all of these people have a lot in common with him. She have been isolated her entire life and she never felt like she fit in anywhere. She surrounded herself with some really great people when she finally decided to be true with myself and come out. Caitlyn continued saying that all those girls that have so much in common with her. Her life changed around immediately and she feels like they’re kind of in the same place here. You cannot find happiness in the whole drinking thing and all that kind of stuff.

Scott who has completed his stay in rehab at this point admitted that he is trying to focus on being himself and is happy for the first time in ages.

He said he used to always think that when he was drunk the real him came out and he always thought the real him was a bad person. He has come to realize that substances make people something else that they truly are. He explained that it is not really who we are. So he has been actually just been happy for the first time in a long time.

Caitlyn also adds that she is also the happiest she has ever been in her life. She said you have got to make some major changes but it’s all for the goo. She looks at her life now and she has never been in a better place in her life than she is right now. Better than the game standing on the top of a platform as what she says.

Scott then tells the 66-year-old that he will always be there for her and that he is just happy that she is happy and she is finally comfortable. Whatever she wants to do, he will be there to do it with her.

Caitlyn says she can tell her son-in-law has made a huge amount of progress after years of self-destruction as she speaks to the camera. She said that like Scott is getting his act together and he seems more self-aware, which is a huge progress. Both of them have been through a lot and it is not going through these issues but it is how you come out the other side.