15 Celebrities That Shockingly Grew Up In Cults

Cults have already been existed around pretty much since human beings started roaming the earth. It was with the advent of religion that fanatics splintered off and began their own groups with their own established dogmas and rituals. There are benign cults which arguably shouldn’t even be called cults because that word is exposed to any negative connotations and oppressive meanings which strive to control every face of its members’ lives. A lot of people have fallen victim to these groups and some of these people may surprise you since there are celebrities that grew up in cults too!

1. 15 Celebrities That Shockingly Grew Up In Cults # 1. Winona Ryder

One of the kids that grew up in a really artistic environment is Winona Ryder as both of her parents were writers and were friends with people like beat poet Allen Ginsberg and LSD guru Timothy Leary. Leary was Ryder’s godfather as a matter of fact so it comes as no shock that she and her family eventually moved and lived on what was called the Rainbow Commune.