Norman Reedus is worried for Daryl

Why is he worried???

Norman Reedus says fans might want to be concerned about his ‘Walking Dead’ character Daryl Dixon since the fate of Daryl is unclear and Season 6 finale is hard-core.

‘You’ll be alright.’ Those are the words of Dwight on Sunday’s The Walking Dead are all that Daryl Dixon die-hard have to ponder for the next week after the AMC zombie drama left the fate of the fan favorite in limbo heading into the April 3 season six finale.

The penultimate episode of the season left the group both divided and weak. Carol who kills several of the members of the Saviors she encounters after leaving Alexandria is out on the road solo. Morgan who left Alexandria with Rick is out there alone and committed to finding her. Both Glenn and Michonne are being held hostage after trying to bring Daryl home when he left the community intent on killing Dwight. Daryl, who had Rosita with him, was about open fire on the Saviors holding Glenn and Michonne feeling guilty over Denise’s death, but Dwight sneaks up behind him. If you remember, he is the same guy Daryl let go in the first half of the season who wound up returning to kill Denise. Their unseen encounter ends with the sound of a gunshot and blood splattered on the screen as Dwight says ‘You’ll be alright.’

Star Reedus says it’s unclear whether Daryl is alive or dead and perhaps more importantly whom Dwight is speaking to when he mutters those three key words.

Rick returns to Alexandria where Maggie seems to be on the verge of losing her unborn baby seems to be on the verge of losing her unborn baby and Daryl have not yet returned along with Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita. The hour set the stage for next week’s season finale where comic book villain Negan is poised to make his debut as the lives of five including Maggie the key characters hang in the balance.

Reedus talks about Daryl and Dwight’s encounter, why he wouldn’t be satisfied if this was the end of the road for the fan favorite and Negan’s arrival as well.

Did Dwight really shoot him in the shoulder in an episode after he narrowly missed killing Daryl? We don’t know exactly where he shoots him but that definitely is his blood right there and Dwight knows he’s not spinning around to say something knows if Daryl spins around. He will spin around to attack and he knows Daryl is going to end him if turns around.

His makes us wonder why Daryl is dead then. It is unfortunate that Reedus did not answer the question since he can’t tell us YET. What he said is Dwight definitely shoots him.

I know you are also asking how quickly Daryl’s fate will be resolved in the finale and will we know if he survives. Reedus said we should listen carefully since somebody will mention it at some point.