Chris Evans and Billie Piper love story

What a sweet couple!!!

Billie Piper’s soul mate would be Chris Evans as she ran to him after every row with Laurence.

Chris Evans was been married to Billie Piper when she was still a teenager, but the pair is firm friends and suddenly Chris Evans missed his radio show for the very first time the morning after his first date with Billie Piper. He turned up on her doorstep and presented the 18-year-old with the keys to a silver Ferrari bedecked in red roses before cycling off instead.

Their first what she described as full-on kiss took place just days later on Christmas Day in 2000 and she described it as magic despite the DJ being 16 years her senior.

The singer-turned-actress said in her 2006 autobiography Growing Pains that moment on they lived in each other’s pockets. According to her: ‘Actually, it wasn’t so much that I lived in his pocket as that I tried to burrow deep inside, curl up into a tiny ball and wait for all my responsibilities to go away.’

It comes as no surprise to friends of the pair that Chris who is said to be her rock will be one of the first Billie will turn to now her marriage to actor Laurence Fox is, over a decade and half and three weddings between them later and he is only one of three men who will help the Penny Dreadful star her through another hard chapter in her eventful life.

Billie’s ex-boyfriend, the ‘five pop’ star Ritchie Neville is another she looks to for support aside from her ex-husband Chris.

She also relies on her former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant who she is said to describe as her best friend. A source said that she’s been leaning on Chris as the marriage began to go wrong and He’s her soulmate. Laurence always got annoyed by the running off to the ex-husband every time they argued and the wife of Chris isn’t too impressed either but he’s very protective of her and when there’s a problem Billie will always turn to Chris. Billie is also been speaking a lot to David as she calls him her best friend.

Richie has just split from his other half Natasha Hamilton and he and Billie are still close pals as Billie seems to stay friends with all her exes. A lot of people wondered if there was any coincidence in the end of the eight-year Fox-Piper marriage being announced just hours after Laurence’s uncle and  the esteemed actor Edward Fox declared in an interview that men are born to be unfaithful and even in relationships they naturally wander and cheat.

A family friend says the split was not one-sided and the couple who have two sons Winston and Eugene have been living like friends under the same roof not husband and wife for some time.

The friend said that getting divorced is a meeting of minds. They would both rather save their friendship than a marriage that had already died and this has been on the cards for well over a year. It is a classic situation of living different lives with different friends and they will carry on being mates now like after her marriage with Chris.